Lynda Menge


Hi my name is Lynda Menge and welcome to my online portfolio. You can view my past creative work and learn a little about who I am through this website. Besides my creative work, there are links when I developed Instructional Design for Reliant, Kellogg’s and in my Apple career as well. This also includes my skills as a Corporate Trainer.

All my past career opportunities have been my stepping stones on what is ahead of me. I want to continue to be a part of developing and designing e-learning solutions for companies. I currently had the opportunity to make daily contributions leading to success in the areas of instructional design, development, and training delivery. I design in Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Presenter. I create Instructional design which handled areas of both instructor-led and e-learning developing. I also gained experience in building interactive Oracle Retail modules experience with the User Productivity Kit (UPK).

I have loved art since I was a child. From crayons to computers, art has been an essential part of who I am today. When I was a kid my Mother would take us to Burrell’s news stand on Sundays after church. I would pick up the comic books and be amazed on how the characters and backgrounds were drawn.  I would get my sketch pad out and draw all the time. I took art all through my Jr. High and High School years.

I always loved Math and started getting fascinated with computers at an early age. In my Sophomore year I took Computer Math. In my Junior and Senior years, I took Data Processing I and II. I learned how to type and work on IBM 029 and 129 Keypunch machines. After keypunching our information we would run our data cards in a IBM System 34 main computer. I learned several languages like Fortran, Cobol, Basic and RPG ll Programming.

After High School I started working with applications such as Adobe, Macromedia and Aldus software which spans over twenty years. I work in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, Captivate and other e-learning apps Articulate Storyline, Presenter and Lenora. Before my career with Apple, I started learning Apple’s Pro Apps applications, Aperture, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Today I work on both platforms Mac and PC.

I also have a link that talks about an a app I am developing for people that have lost their ability to speak. I want this to be an app that changes people’s lives.